How Big are Dragon Dildos?

measuring phallic object with tape

With the increasing popularity of dragon dildos in Australia, many people are looking to make their first purchase. Deciding on a specific style or colour can be relatively straight forward – but what about size? How big are dragon dildos generally and what size is going to allow you to make the most use of your future purchase? In this guide we’ll help you better understand how dragon dildos are sized and tips for buying the right size for your needs.

Dragon Dildo sizes do vary

Just like most other sex toys, dragon dildos come a large variety of sizes. These sizes can vary by design and in many cases even come with multiple scaled sizes for the same type. On average dragon dildos are larger than most other dildos, with the average dragon dildo being 8 inches long. (20.32cm) Dragon dildos will for the most part also be significantly larger in girth than general dildo equivalents and feature large bases to compensate for the weight of the rest of the dildo. It is possible to find dragon dildos ranging between 6-12 inches, with some novelty sized dragon dildos being upwards of 15 inches long and 6+ inches wide.

Choosing the right size for you

Choosing the right size dragon dildo can be a difficult task when images can make the dildos appear smaller than they actually are. To ensure you make the right purchase always use a tape measure to understand exactly the size you’re purchase as generally sex toys are unable to be returned due to hygiene reasons. If you’re unsure of sizing and this is your first dragon style dildo purchase, err on the side of caution and choose the smaller options available as it’s better to work your way up in size, than to purchase something you’re physically unable to use or enjoy.

Due to the large variety of shapes and sizes, the intended use will help dictate the right size and shape for you.

Dragon dildos don’t make the best dildos for simulating oral sex due to their unusual shapes and large diameters, making them difficult to be able to fit them easily in your mouth.

Dragon dildos are used most often for both vaginal and anal play, often with a liberal use of lubricants to help comfortably insert the toys.

Another consideration with size that many people forget is storage. Due to dragon dildos being larger than most other dildos they can take up a significant amount of space. Consider if you have a space available where you can store your dildo securely.

Other considerations

Outside of size you will want to consider what other features are important to you. Some potential factors will include:

  • What kind of colour would you prefer
  • Do you want the dildo to have the ability to ‘shoot’ cum lubricants or other liquid
  • Are you looking for a smooth finish, scales or even tentacles
  • Do you want a niche type of dildo, such as a canine dildo which will have a knot

If you’re looking to buy your first dragon dildo – check out Dragon Dildo Australia – Australia’s largest store for dragon and fantasy related dildos.