Collection: Horse Dildos

At Dragon Dildo Australia, we don’t just supply dragon dildos, we also have a huge range of other fantasy sex toys to suit every naughty pleasure.

One of our most popular toys is our collection of horse dildos for men and women. These dildos are the absolute stallions of the fantasy sex toy world. After all, what could be more romantic and erotic than a knight in shining armour or an innocent maiden riding (ahem!) their noble steed!

All of our horse dildos are beautifully made using only the best materials. They come in a range of different designs and sizes so you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly.

We offer free delivery across Australia on all our horse dildos with an express delivery option for only $9 AUD. Our delivery is 100% discreet so you can look forward to your new toy’s arrival without any worries.