Collection: Unicorn Dildos

Of all the mythical creatures, there are none which stir our fantasies quite like the ethereal unicorn. They gallop through our imaginations like majestic poems - bold, regal and magnificent. So what better way to celebrate their iconic animals than by using a unicorn horn dildo to pleasure your naughty bits?

Unicorn dildos are super long, super flexible sex toys. They come in a range of different colours - from rainbow hues to glow-in-the-dark delights - and with various textured shafts for rubbing all your pleasure spots in just the right way.

Unicorn dildos are perfect sex toys for masturbation, partner sex, fantasy roleplay and cosplay content. You can even use an extra-long unicorn horn dildo for handing out some BDSM spanking if your sub is being naughty.

All of this makes unicorn dildos some of the most unique, versatile, and downright delightful sex toys available. Browse our full unicorn dildo range today and add one to your collection.