Collection: Alien Dildos

Have you ever looked up into the night sky, gazed in awe at the shining stars and wondered, “What does an alien’s cock look like?”

Well, wonder no more! At Dragon Dildo Australia, we have asked all the top minds at NASA, Area 51 and the Men in Black Headquarters, and used their knowledge to create the universe’s most comprehensive collection of alien dildos.

As everyone knows, there are billions of different aliens living across the vast expanse of space. That is why we offer a huge range of sizes, shapes and designs so you are bound to find the perfect toy for your intergalactic orgasms.

All of our alien dildos are beautifully made using the most advanced extraterrestrial materials and technology so they look and feel out of this world!

Our alien dildos are available across Australia with free, discreet shipping or by express delivery (via UFO on request.)