Collection: Monster Dildos

Dare to explore the darker side of your bedroom escapades? Then monster dildos are here to make your most monstrous fantasies come to life. 

Monster dildos are dark, deadly and devilishly delightful sex toys that are as close to regular dildos as a Kraken is to a baby octopus. These serious dildos are monstrously big, monstrously pleasurable and monstrously beautiful. 

Our monster dildo collection is a treasure trove of bizarre shapes, sizes and textures that will make your inner freak squeal with delight. We have everything from Squirting Mutant Dildos to Alien Probe Plugs to Merman Dildos. They come in stunning colours, with integrated suction cups for hands-free action and will push you to your absolute limits of fantasy and ecstasy.

So summon up your sense of adventure, grab a bottle of lube and dive into the abyss of the delightfully horrifying world of monster dildos. Here's to nights full of orgasms and terrors!